Falling Into a Setback

Literally. Today marks 13 weeks since surgery and I managed to fall three days ago. I was sitting on a retaining wall (waist high), pulling weeds out of my flower garden and as I stood up, the rocks I was standing on gave way and I fell smack on my butt. No immediate pain, but it definitely set in within about an hour. Took a preemptive muscle relaxer and Ibuprofen, sat on ice for about a half an hour and hoped for the best. Contacted my doctor who had me come in for an x-ray to assess the damage. The good news is, no damage! Hardware still in place and no sign of fracture or damage to the fusion or tailbone. Definitely bruised though. Sitting is back to being a nightmare and the pain is deep. Muscles around the fusion spot are definitely aggravated and feel like a giant Charlie horse. I’m supposed to be on a plane in three hours for a 2.5 hour trip, so I’m a little nervous about how that’s going to go. Surgeon said to try and stay active to work out the muscle cramps, but not to overdo it. That ought to be interesting.

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