Week Twelve

I can hardly believe it’s been twelve weeks since surgery. Haven’t had much time to post recently, mostly because I’ve been feeling so incredibly good and have been super busy enjoying life! Had my twelve week post-op visit yesterday with x-rays. X-rays showing signs of bone growth, hardware all still in place, zero nerve compression and sturdy bones above and below the fusion area! I couldn’t be happier or feel more blessed than I do at this moment! I do still have minimal muscle discomfort along the fusion area from time to time, along with occasional restless legs that wake me up early in the morning. I’m still working part-time (6 hrs per day, 4 days per week) and definitely notice soreness and exhaustion by the end of my work week. Those are the nights I have to take Advil. I use a heating pad nightly right before I go to bed and am continuing with my magnesium, calcium, extra vitamin B, D and iron. The iron is helpful on those days when I hit a wall… And those days still happen, not often, but when they do, I know I just need to slow down and re-focus on healing and not overdoing it. I do experience a pulling sensation from time to time at the very top of my incision, which my surgeon says is likely muscle fibers healing from where they pulled them aside during surgery. My surgeon hasn’t lifted all restrictions, but pretty close. I can bend (at the waist), no pulling or lifting while bending, and I’m able to lift (by squatting and using my legs to lift… think squats). No more back brace, walk, swim and bike ride as much as I want!

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