Eight Weeks

Let me begin by saying I can hardly believe I had this major surgery eight weeks ago. I truly didn’t expect to feel as good as I do at this point; I had hoped I would, but I also was trying to keep a realistic approach to it knowing that I may not. I still have occasional days (one just a few days ago) where my energy is in the toilet and it’s all I can do just to go for my daily walk and keep moving. Not because of pain or discomfort, but because of pure exhaustion. I’ve said it before, the drastic ups and downs of this recovery process have probably been the most challenging part. It’s un-nerving how I can feel so amazing and energetic one day (or multiple days) and then hit a brick wall. But today is a great day and I feel fantastic. Zero nerve pain for several days in a row, only minor muscle tightness here and there and nothing at all requiring more than ice or a couple of Advil. I threw my Tylenol in the trash because it does nothing for me and my surgeon ok’d Ibuprofen. Still having occasional restless legs and “heaviness” in the legs before getting out of bed (it usually wakes me up), but gentle stretches and moving around seem to take care of it. I’ve been walking daily (1-2 miles) with my two dogs and that has been completely pain-free!!!! I’ve been trying to wean myself off the back brace (at the direction of my doc), which took some getting used to, but it’s getting easier and the past two days, I’ve only worn it while walking or doing stuff around the house. One thing I’ve noticed with not wearing the brace is a weird “pulling” sensation at the top of my incision (maybe around the L3 area?) . Kinda feels like a charlie horse, but isn’t painful. I plan to ask my PT guy about it…. thinking maybe it’s ligaments and muscles going back to where they belong?? PT started last week and so far, just gentle stretches and trying to get those core muscles into shape…. No pain from therapy at all! I’ve attached my before and after X-rays. After was taken at my six week appointment and you can definitely see the difference! Much more space and alignment as a result of surgery and no more crushed nerve root!!

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