Six Weeks

What a week this has been. Had my post-op appointment on Thursday and then went to visit my grandmother who has been in hospice care for several weeks. Unfortunately, she passed away that evening but I was able to be with her as she left this world. Needles to say, quite an emotional rollercoaster (because, ya know, I haven’t been all over the place emotionally already since surgery). My appointment was nothing but good news. X-rays showed hardware in place, nerve roots still wide open, no internal inflammation and incision site looked great! Still having random nerve pain in my right knee and calf from time to time, but it subsides. My surgeon gave me a prescription for Lyrica if I want to try it, but after reading the potential side effects and taking into account my nerve pain is minimal, I decided not to start it. I believe Lyrica is great for some people and I’m not saying you shouldn’t use it if you need it, I just don’t feel it’s for me at this point. Restless legs have subsided and I’m still taking calcium, vitamin D, B-12 and magnesium every night. I was cleared for massages and had one yesterday. Talk about a game changer! I was super worried about not being able to lie face down on a massage table, but I did and had ZERO issues! My therapist is amazing and is really good about checking in with me as I changed positions and he worked out those nasty muscle kinks in my shoulders, arms and back. Scheduled to start PT next week. Twice a week for six weeks and two more weeks off work and then four weeks of only part-time. That will put me at three months out and will have another x-ray and extend PT if needed. Still walking daily and feel awesome when I’m moving. Sitting has gotten slightly better…. Still can only manage about 30 minutes before I need to get up and move, but that’s improvement! As time allows, I’ll get a few posts up this week with photos and some suggestions for pre and post surgery. 🙂

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