Five Weeks Out….

Five weeks post-op as of yesterday. I feel like I have no grasp of time. Surgery seems like an eternity ago and I find myself at times thinking, “How much longer is this healing thing going to take?”. I thought I was good to sit through a movie a few nights ago. Bad idea. Realllllly bad idea. About 30 minutes into it, my body told me to get up and move because I was staring to feel some discomfort, but my brain said, “Nah. Push through. You’ll be fine.” Well I wasn’t fine. By the time the movie was over, I could hardly stand up! The pain (muscle cramps, leg pain, knee pain, hip and incision all hurt like hell and it was all I could do to get to the car. Naturally, I didn’t have any type of medication (no Tylenol, no muscle relaxer, nothing) with me, so I had to tough it out until we got home. Was able to get into the shower, pop a muscle relaxer and some Tylenol, put the heating pad on and and pass out in bed. Lesson learned here….. ALWAYS listen to your body and ALWAYS travel with meds! I hate feeling like I’m ready to do something physically, only to be reminded that, nope….. not yet, young lady. Things did improve through the week and I was able to walk about two miles each day following and have been feeling really good since. I’m still hitting a wall every afternoon where, after walking, showering and doing some light household chores, I need to take a nap. Only needing a quick power nap, but I have to do it or I pay for it. Patience is so key on this journey and I am NOT good with it.

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