Four Weeks Post-Op

Four weeks post-op as of yesterday. Feeling better mentally and emotionally than I was after my last post, thank God! The weather has been beautiful up until today and I’ve been able to get out and walk a little over a mile each day. Walking feels fantastic. No issues at all, other than just a bit of tightness around my hip muscles and incision site. After walking, I definitely have to lie down on my heating pad for a bit to loosen things back up. Mornings are still difficult because my legs get super heavy and restless legs are still waking me up in the wee morning hours. No idea if it’s because of the walking or just normal healing, but it’s there and I know it. All in all, I can say I still feel much better at this point than I thought I would. I really expected to have a lot more pain and discomfort…. I can honestly say that even on my “bad days”, this is true. I’m able to drive, so I run small errands here and there, meet friends for lunch/coffee, go to the store on my own (ask for help from store employees when I need to to avoid lifting and bending), do small household chores with the help of my grabber (light loads of laundry, loading/unloading dishwasher one dish at a time) and am able to shower, dress and put my shoes and socks on without help…. It just takes awhile! The exhaustion is subsiding as well…. Not needing daily naps, but I am definitely ready for bed by 9PM! Haven’t had to take anything other than Excedrin (doc approved) for pain and have been taking iron, magnesium, CBD chews, calcium and extra vitamin D nightly. Doctor also suggested turmeric supplement for inflammation and prescribed valium as needed for the restless legs. Haven’t had any nerve pain the past few days; mostly muscle tightness and “pulling” sensation along my incision from time to time. At this point, if someone where to ask me if I was glad I had surgery, my answer would be yes! My spondy was much more unstable than the MRI showed and my disc between L4/L5 was non-exsistant. I’m glad I didn’t wait because I fear for what the outcome might have been. The honest truth is, this whole thing is frustrating for sure and a mental/emotional/physical rollercoaster, but it is manageable. And I’m still extremely blessed and fortunate. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Four Weeks Post-Op

  1. So glad to hear that you are feeling better. I had my surgery two weeks after you did, so your blog gives me a hint of where I might be in the near future. This is a very difficult process and every little bit helps. Thanks.



    1. So glad I can help Zack! Hope you’re doing well and please reach out with questions!


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