Frustration Sets In

I. Am. Done. I’ve reached a new level of frustration today and I hate it. I’m sick and tired of not feeling 100%, of dropping things non-stop, of having to search for a grabber every time I do, or chance squatting down and then not being able to get back up. I’m sick of having to think about every, single physical move I make before rolling over, standing up, showering, going to the bathroom, getting in and out of the car, and on and on and on. I’m sick of taking fifteen minutes to put on my shoes and socks and then having to take a nap because it was that exhausting. I’m sick of having to “slow down and take it easy”, and I’m super sick of researching every little new twinge of pain or ache I haven’t experienced yet, only to find “it’s just a part of the process”. Today I say screw the process; I just want to feel normal.

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