Good Days and Bad Days

As I enter week three post-op, I feel compelled to acknowledge these ups and downs I’m experiencing both physically and mentally. Saturday was a bad day… Was super tired, pretty sore and was stuck home alone all day. The being home alone is way more of a challenge than I expected. Prior to surgery I thought, “wow, this is great. Time to catch up on reading, movie watching, emails, doing taxes and meditating on healing and recovery.” Well, that hasn’t exactly been the case. I find myself getting lonely and getting into a bit of a poor me, self-pity mode. It’s difficult. And it caught me by surprise because I’m not usually like that. I’ve had moments when the pain and discomfort get the best of me emotionally and I begin to wonder if I’m ever going to feel better. Just wanted to acknowledge this and let those of you who are following this know that it happens, that it’s ok to experience these feelings and that it absolutely does get better. Today is a great day! I feel really good, went for a one mile walk, made it to the grocery store to pick p a few things, had a fantastic night’s sleep and am in a good place emotionally. The past couple of days, I’ve woken up with restless legs that drives me crazy. Heeded a few on-line suggestions and with the blessing of my surgeon, started taking an iron (65mg) and a magnesium (500mg) supplement before bed. It made a difference! No restless legs this morning and I have a bit more energy this morning….. I even did a load of laundry (not towels, just light stuff and with the help of my grabber!). Feeling optimistic 🙂

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