Two Weeks Post-Op

Had my two week post-op appointment today. Doc says everything looks really good. Took the waterproof covering off the incision and removed a few remaining stitches… Holy ouch! Still no bending, lifting or twisting… (easier said than done) and allowed to walk as much as I can tolerate. Permission granted for massage therapy with the exception of the incision area (can I get a hallelujah?!?) Cleared to drive, so helllllllo freedom! No PT or x-rays until six weeks and able to take Excedrin/Ibuprofen as needed. I also received a copy of my surgical report and dissolved into tears reading it. I am overwhelmed at what my body has gone through and, more importantly, this second chance I’ve been given to feel strong and healthy. I’m also overwhelmed with gratitude for my surgeon, my family and the amount of support I’ve received…. The way my body is responding and healing is such a huge blessing. I do have some nerve pain still, mostly in my right knee/calf area but it does go away the more I move. Wooden chairs are the devil and if I never have to sit in another one in my lifetime, I’m good with that.

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