Humor and “drug brain”

One of the most important things I’ve realized on this journey so far, is to keep a good sense of humor and try to celebrate every, single victory. Was feeling pretty decent last Friday, so I thought a trip to the store would be a good idea. Asked my dad to drive me and it felt awesome to get out and about in the real world. Found myself in the produce section and thought fruit sounded really good (my appetite has been non-exsistent). Found some oranges and was overwhelmed with how amazing they looked… Big, huge oranges and they looked delicious (clearly the drugs, because I’ve never had quite this intense of a fascination with fruit). Seriously, I could not get over how fantastic these damn oranges looked and started putting some in a bag. Moving around the store and feeling great and suddenly realize that I don’t have my phone or my wallet… Panic sets in and we start to retrace our steps to figure out where I might have left my stuff. Long story short, I came out of the experience with two important lessons. Number one, there are still honest people in the world (someone turned in my phone and wallet to customer service), and number two, I’m clearly still in no condition to be left unsupervised in public. Oh, and the oranges were delicious! šŸ™‚

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