Nerve Pain

Holy shitake mushrooms, I have some serious nerve pain today! My right leg (mostly my shin and around my knee) are on fire. Yesterday I ate quite a bit of sugar (thank you well-wishers bearing gifts of cookies and candies) and I’m wondering if that has something to do with it. Sugar is inflammatory after all… Ugh. Possible this is just my nerves waking up post-op, I mean they were compressed for a few years. Anyhow, I’ve taken a full dose of Robaxin (even though it’s the muscle relaxer, I’m hoping for some relief), put some ice on my surgical area and hooked myself up to my tens unit for thirty minutes. Plan to repeat the ice/tens unit here in about an hour or so. Fingers crossed! As for everything else, I still feel pretty good…. Minor muscle discomfort today and I feel pretty decent moving around. I will be the first to admit (think I’ve said it before) but I know I’m twisting more than I should. Twisting is THE most difficult thing to avoid. On the lighter side, I noticed something today as I was brushing my teeth…. I feel taller! Maybe I’m just standing straighter because of the fusion (or the back brace) or maybe I actually did gain a few centimeters in height…. whatever it is, I’ll gladly take it! Go me 🙂

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