One Week Post-Op

Happy to report that today was SO much better than yesterday. Not nearly as depressed and the pain seems to have decreased. I find it odd saying “pain” because when I think pain, I think searing or burning sensation… Neither of which I have. I may have some nerve pain in my right leg, but honestly it’s kind of hard to tell in that it doesn’t feel AT ALL like it did pre-surgery. I will admit, in trying to restrict bending, I have been squatting a lot (maybe even more than I should be), so I’m wondering if whatever it is in my right leg is more muscle strain from squatting than post-op or nerve “pain”. My knees ache and I’m 100% certain that’s from squatting! I’ve been trying to walk outside at least twice a day to the mail kiosk and back (about seven houses away from mine) and that’s been great. No issues while walking other than a little muscle tightness in my right hip. Showering and self-care is going well…. Gawd, I want to shave my legs! Still have plastic water-proof covering over incision area (that comes off at two week appointment next Thursday) and the bandage on the drain sight came off yesterday. Honesty, this week has been one big fog. I’m surprised at how much I don’t remember or forgot about (until someone reminds me). I don’t care for that feeling at. all. Taking 1000mg of extra strength Tylenol every six hours (religiously) and 500mg of Robaxin every eight hours. Tried cutting the Robaxin dosage in half (not one of my better ideas) and that lasted about an hour before I had to take the other half. Have only needed the 2mg Dilaudid at night before bed the past two nights and all in all, feeling pretty decent! The sun is out today and it’s beautiful and I’d love nothing more than to go for a nice, long hike with the dogs but that will have to wait. Patience is going to be as issue with this….. I guarantee it.

1 thought on “One Week Post-Op

  1. This is a topic that is near to my heart… Take care!

    Exactly where are your contact details though?


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