Four days post -surgery

First things first…. Still not feeling like I want to die, but I am definitely conscious of the pain. All pain has been exclusively near my incision and my right hip. Like, it’s there and I’m well aware of it, but I’m up and moving and functioning pretty well. I am definitely sick and tired of the “medicine brain” brought on by the Robaxin and Dilaudid…. I feel like such an airhead and I hate it. Can’t concentrate on anything and it takes me so long to do simple things like brush my teeth because I literally have to think it through step-by-step. Appetite isn’t great…. I’ve been nibbling stuff here and there… Can’t even fathom a big meal! Just the thought make me want to puke! Changing positions in bed takes an act of congress because I’m trying to move without twisting… Ha! Yeah, the twisting part of the no BLT is 100% more challenging that I thought it would be. Also, the bright sunlight is KILLING my eyes… I have blue eyes and with the narcotics dilating my pupils, my daytime vision is super fuzzy and gives me a headache. I’ve actually been wearing my sunglasses inside the house…. I’m quite a site to see, I’m sure 🙂

Things that have come in handy…. my grabber (matter of fact, I may pick up another one). Moving stuff in the fridge that I need higher so I don’t have to bend. Also pouring milk into a smaller container so I don’t have to lift the gallon jug. Drug timer/alarm on my phone (because I’m spacey enough as it is, let alone in the middle of the night trying to remember what to take). Extra bed pillows (because I literally have to make a cocoon for myself to get comfortable.

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