Day Of and Day After Surgery

Let me start with apologizing for any grammatical/spelling errors that will likely follow…. I’m a wee bit hazy to say the least.

Don’t recall much about the actual day of surgery (feels like it was weeks ago)! I remember the prep part (compression hose, one last good clean of the back area with surgical soap, etc). Oh yeah and the five (yes, FIVE) tries it took to get my IV started. Both pre-op nurses tried and the anesthesia doc finally got one to go… So, pre-op suggestion number one…. Arrive to the hospital as hydrated as you possibly can! I recall being wheeled into the OR and laughing with the nurse (she’s from Georgia and I have no idea how, but we got on the topic of shots (the drinking kind, not the inoculation kind!) Annnnnnnnd, that’s all she wrote. Don’t remember anything beyond that.

When I woke up in recovery, I was freezing cold and was shaking so hard that one of the nurses told me needed to check my pupils because it looked like I’d had a seizure. I hadn’t. The recovery nurses were awesome, gave me dilaudid through my IV (because at this point, I hurt pretty good and the shaking was making my muscles hurt even worse). She also gave me some “anti-shaking” medication (no idea what it was) but it worked like a charm and then piled warm blankets on me.

The hospital stay is pretty blurry. Did try to walk a few times and did ok until I had a near fainting moment and was promptly ordered back to bed. Wasn’t really sure what caused it (all the drugs, surgery itself, being up too much), but it made me super hot, super dizzy and super nauseous and I thought for a brief moment that I really was going to pass out. Wasn’t able to eat anything beyond clear liquids because I was able to burp, but the other end wasn’t co-operating. I seem to have gotten pretty lucky with pain management… I cut my Dilaudid in half (4mg to 2mg) and am alternating that with 1000 mg of extra-strength Tylenol and Robaxin (muscle relaxer) every eight hours. I was finally allowed to try a soft diet yesterday morning (about 48 hrs post op) and ordered scrambled eggs and cottage cheese. And oh, my gawd!!! Best meal I ever had! It tasted SO good! Catheter came out early morning following surgery, which was interesting because I was told before surgery I wouldn’t have one and then lo’ and behold, one showed up anyhow.

Was released and able to come home last night! Took out my drain and IV right before discharge and being home feels so much better than being in the hospital! Slept really good despite waking up every time I had to change positions of take meds. Toilet seems a little low, so I may get a riser for it. I put together a few checklist things for the first few days and post it here eventually…. I have to be honest, not nearly as much pain as I thought. No nerve pain at all, mostly sore/heavy muscles in my back and hip area and for some reason all the bones in my spine have been snapping and popping every time I move. I did have to come home with oxygen for overnight use because the Dilaudid makes me sleep so sound that my breathing becomes more shallow, thus less oxygen to the brain (which is THE last thing I need right now!) I’ll be posting more updates as the days pass….. Take care!

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