9 Days to Go

Woke up this morning with minimal pain again (yay!) and decided to take the dogs for a walk before work. Bad idea. It has been snowing and stupid cold for weeks now, which is usual for Colorado this time of year. Typically, it’s in the mid 40’s and the sun is almost always out, but not lately. It’s been in the teens or below and the snow is constant and simply annoying. Anyhow, the snow is the fluffy kind (easy to walk in) and I thought getting the dogs out for a quick walk would be good for them and for me. My Border Collie will re-arrange the house if he doesn’t get enough exercise and my 80lb lab (recovering himself from ACL surgery) needs the exercise as well. Naturally, I didn’t think about the ice under the snow and while walking, slipped (thank God I didn’t fall) and tweaked my back. The pain in my right leg and hip was so intense I wasn’t sure I’d make it back home (add in the 5 degree weather)….. Oy! Anyhow, I have to get to work today, so any kind of pain meds other than Ibuprofen (have 2 days left to take those!) isn’t a possibility. Not looking forward to a ten hour shift of sitting…. Have a feeling tonight will be tough.

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